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Madras Outdoor Dining Chair

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At Taste Furniture we choose only the best materials available:-

- Twitchell  is a woven polyester fibre
- Recycled Teak Frame
- Stainless steel handle & Fittings

Please check with our showroom for color options...

Simply the best.

We ONLY use      .

Since its beginning in 1922, the Twitchell name has represented quality in yarns and fabrics across a multitude of industries. For almost a century Twitchell yarns and fabrics have been improving the looks and performance of customers’ products. Today, Twitchell have grown into a multi-national manufacturer of some of the world’s most innovative fibers, textiles, and coatings. Design for full weather...

Recycled Teak    Reclaimed from warehouse buildings and construction materials, old houses and railways. Teak is a close grained and oil-rich hardwood, it is especially stable in its recycled form. Recycled teak is truly unique in character with every piece having variations. Colour differences, knots, small cracks, grain and colour variations, climatic and soil conditions are a result of natural growth and all impact on the finished product, air drying and evidence of a past use which may include but not limited to nail, bolt holes and uneven surfaces. Highly skilled workers manually hand grade the wood and produce the optional rough bushed or smooth finish that gives our teak that special patina.

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