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Madrid BED |Now Available in Ala Carte Colour options | Leather or Fabric

Sink into the sleek, confident beauty of the Barcelona Bed. A split-style headboard with subtly rounded corners create an inclusive space to rest.  The bottom line of the bed frame is accented with stunning American Walnut Timber legs.

Quick Information
  • 72 Slat Base System compared the normal unsupportive 34 Slat System
  • Designed for our Infinity Mattresses
  • For more information, photos and pricing please contact our showrooms.

“A Better Bed... A Better Sleep...”
Superior Support. Tested to be 4 times the strength of a normal slat systems.
If you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep, you’ll love the quality of our Beds. The superior support provided by our Slat System means no more sagging or broken slats holding you back from the best nights sleep.

Individual 4 Bay Slat System
4 times Stronger, 72 slats compared to only 26.

3 Central Support Beams
Allow for three support legs where the weight is, you, your partner,and the middle of your mattress. Better support translates to better sleep.

Less Gap, More Support
5cm gap between slats compared to 10-15cm supports your mattress like no other slat system. Increasing the life span of your mattress and giving you a better nights sleep.

Carbon Fibre Like Cover
Each covered slat protects your mattress from rubbing on bare timber.
Increasing the life span of your mattress.
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